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Meursault « les Narvaux » -

From Côte de Beaune, the vineyard «Narvaux» is located a little lower than «Les Tillets» and overlooks the Valley of Meursault. The word «Vaux» comes from old French dialect and means Valley - hence the name «les narvaux». The soil is low in clay which allows for natural irrigation and in return produces a beautiful wine very refined and nicely concentrated.
Grape variety :  Chardonnay
Color :  White
Appellation :  Meursault « les Narvaux »
Vintage : 

Soil :  Calcareous, light soil, low in clay

Place :  From one of the vineyards in the highest point of Meursault village - Côte de Beaune

Col.our :  White gold with light green relections

Nose :  Great maturity of the grape, fresh, minty, light and citrus. A light yet intense nose; hinting on roasted almonds and walnuts complimenting a beautiful complexity.

Palate :  Refined palate, elegant long fruity flavor; white fruits and spices with a floral complexity. Infusion of opposites; lemon, grapefruit and the presence of ‘terroir’. A long and vibrant finish, hazelnut and mineral.

Temperature :  12°-13° C

Gourmet agreement :  Served best with a light fish steamed in a ‘papillote’ or simply fried in butter. Also goes well with a white tender meat.

Aging potential :  Optimum drinking time is within 6 years but can keep up to 10 - 12 years depending on the vintage.

Vintages available :  Contact us by email or phone

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